Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Everyday a Holiday by Silvana Clark

I saw a book a few weeks ago that I thought would be really interesting and that I may buy. It is called Everyday a Holiday by Silvana Clark. The book is a unique twist on celebrating holidays. Clark has found holidays for everyday of the year that celebrate everyday items. She has included a theme-related craft and food for all of the holidays in the book. What a neat idea! I think that the next book run I make will include this book for sure.

I think that celebrating National Jelly Bean Day or National Puzzle Day could be a lot of fun. My son would have a wonderful time, and I would get to do something exciting. If you have small children, you should think about this type of activity with them. You could get the book and use it as a guide to entertainment. Here is how.

Pick up the book and then decide how often you want to celebrate one of these little holidays. Perhaps you want to do something once a month. I think my family will do something every two weeks. That is a good timeframe for us.

Then decide how much you want to do. Perhaps you just want to do the food or just the craft. You may want to do both or even add more fun to your day. That will determine in part how often you celebrate. Once you have decided, go through the book. If you picked every two weeks as I have, then you will read the next two weeks of holidays. Decide which one sounds neat to you and then begin planning.

I will do a little more than what Everyday a Holiday has. I have a degree in history, and I am very interested in the sort of practical, narrative history in these types of quirky books. I will find out the history behind not only the holiday and its celebration but the item being celebrated. I can teach my son about the holiday and how we got jelly beans.

I also want a little interactive fun as I think that works really well for these types of celebrations. For example, I will have us make some homemade ice cream on the day to celebrate ice cream. Should we decide to celebrate Arbor Day, then we will plant a small tree.

Making the whole day about the holiday you are celebrating will be far more entertaining for your children. They enjoy drawing parallels and playing games. You could have trivia (with prizes!) if you have older children, or you could have a scavenger hunt with younger children. Be sure that you are making the whole day centered around this one thing you are celebrating.

These types of entertainment ideas are what makes me happy that I have my energy back. I can work on making my son happy because of the fun he gets to have. He will learn so much because we will be picking new holidays every year. If we celebrate the jelly beans this year, then we will not next year. I will pick different holidays until we have exhausted our options (or he feels that these celebrations are too silly for him).

My husband can get in on the celebration, too. Although he cannot participate all day in our holiday activities, he will be able to eat the meal we prepare in the evening. I am excited to see all of the possibilities for foods we can cook to celebrate these quirky little holidays.

Part of the fun for me of having my own family in our own house is that we can engage in this type of entertaining. We do not need a reason to celebrate or to get together. We can just have fun because we want to. In fact, we should have fun because we want to. Learning to love spending time with each other is one of the most important lessons I can teach my son. I hope that he will have as much fun with this new idea for entertaining as I am having thinking about it. After all, seeing the fun in his eyes makes all of the planning worth it.

By Julia Mercer

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