Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

When I was young, I loved reading, and I loved to be read to. Even now, my favorite thing to do is lie down in bed, and read a good book. Now that I have a young son, he also loves to be read to, and when the time comes, I am almost positive that he will love to read as much as I did. When I was about eight or nine years old, my grandmother bought me the book The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Over the years, my book became lost, and when my son was born, I wanted him to have it. I was surprised one summer day to find a copy of it at a rummage sale. I was even more surprised that it was in great condition. I was so excited! I snatched it up, and drove straight home so I could read it to my son. I just knew that he would love it!

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling was made into a Disney movie. The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling and Walt Disney is about a young boy that was found in the jungle by Bagheera, the Panther. Bagheera saw the little boy in a broken boat, and he decided to bring him to the wolf family. The family of wolves had recently had a litter of baby cubs, so Bagheera knew that the mother wolf would be able to care and feed the little boy. As soon as the little boy seen the first wolf, he quit crying and became content. The wolf family decided to name the little boy Mowgli, and from that day on, Mowgli was part of the wolf family.

Even though Mowgli was in the wolf family, Bagheera often stopped to visit with the small boy that he had found abandoned in a broken boat years before. Shere Khan, a grumpy tiger, knew that Mowgli would grow to be a man, and Shere Khan thought that when that day came, Mowgli would become a hunter and kill them all. Shere Khan is a tiger with a very bad temper and hated all of man kind. He made a pact with himself that he would never let Mowgli grow to be a man, and he thought that this would be best for all animals in the jungle.

When the rest of the animals in the jungle found out about Shere Khan's plan, they called a meeting to decide what to do with Mowgli. Everybody knew that he could not live in the jungle alone, so Bagheera told the animals that he knew of a village where Mowgli could be a regular boy, and he would also be safe from the evil Shere Khan. When Bagheera told Mowgli where he would be taking him, Mowgli cried and was very persistent that the jungle was his home and that was where he wanted to stay. Bagheera felt sad for the boy, but he knew that the man village was the best and safest place for little Mowgli to live.

On their trip to the man village, they ran into some obstacles. The first one was Kaa, the snake. When Bagheera was sleeping, Kaa cast a spell on Mowgli. He squeezed Mowgli with his body and was just about to eat him when Bagheera woke up and whacked Kaa.
He quickly let go of him and slithered away. The next morning, they ran into the elephant tribe. The elephants were marching in a line, which interested Mowgli very much. Mowgli started copying the baby elephant, and decided that he would rather live with the crowd of elephants instead of in the man village. Bagheera would let no such thing happen, so they started their journey once again to the man village. Next, Mowgli met Baloo, the bear. When Mowgli told Baloo that he was going to have to live in the man village, Baloo decided that he could live with him, and he would teach him to be a bear. They had a great day together, eating yummy fruit and playing all day, but Bagheera knew what Mowgli needed and tried to get him away from Baloo.

Bagheera finally gave up, and let Mowgli stay with Baloo. When Baloo and Mowgli were floating down the river, the monkeys stole Mowgli when Baloo was not looking. When Baloo tried to get the boy back from the tricky monkeys, they laughed and taunted him. They tripped Baloo with a vine and knocked him out. When Bagheera found Baloo and woke him up, Baloo was very dazed. They know that the mischievous monkeys have taken Mowgli away, and they think they may have taken him to the hated Shere Khan. They know that they must find the boy before something terrible happens to him. Bagheera suspects that they have taken Mowgli to the old ruined city. What Bagheera suspected is actually what happened. They took Mowgli to their king, King Louie.

Join Bagheera and Baloo on their way to find the boy Mowgli. You will have to read the book to see if Mowgli goes to live in the man village or stays with him wolf family for good. You will also find out if the evil Shere Khan finds Mowgli and kills him before he turns into a man. This is a great book for an adult or a child to read. It has great, colorful pictures and is a very good story.

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