Monday, March 6, 2006

Naked Prey by John Sandford

Naked Prey by John Sandford is a very well written, violent, intriguing, fiction novel. Naked Prey was a number one New York Times Bestseller. John Sandford has written many other Prey books including Rules of Prey, Shadows of Prey, Eyes of Prey, and many others. He has also starting writing the Kidd Novels including The Fools Run, The Empress File, and The Devil's Code.

The book Naked Prey starts out on a cold snowy night, in a small town in northern Minnesota. Jane Warr is greeted by a man with a beard and a gun, and is scared to death. The man with the gun says he is there for Joe Kelly, and when Jane tells him that Joe is not around, and she has not seen him or knows where he is, he brings Jane inside to find out more information. When Jane and the man entered her house, Jane's friend Deon Cash comes from the living room to see what is going on. After Jane and Deon both claim they do not know anything about Joe Kelly's whereabouts, the man ties them both up and beats them until they are bloody and cannot communicate. The man then stripped both of them, beat them some more, and dragged them outside through the snow, while they were naked, and placed them inside of his vehicle. When Jane and Deon ask where the man is taking them, all the man will say is the word murder. The man then stopped the truck in the middle of the woods, and started to tie a rope around their necks. He proceeded to hang both Jane and Deon from a large tree.

The next day, Lucas Davenport is called into his office and briefed on what had happened the night before. He is told that a black man and a white woman were found hanging in a tree by a young local girl out setting her traps. Lucas was also told that it looked like a modern day lynching, and he must get up north fast, to stop the spreading of the word lynching. The new sheriff is said to be scared of his own shadow, and will need a lot of help dealing with the news reporters, and everything else that comes along with a small town murder.

Lucas Davenport calls his best friend and partner Del Capslock to come up north with him to investigate. They fly up to the small town together, and are shocked at what they find. The two bodies were grey, and stretched out, with the rope cutting deep into the skin of their necks. The only lead they have comes from a little girl named Letty West, who lives in a house with her mother near where the hanging happened. Letty had been caught driving her mothers Jeep in the past. The little girl had thought that her mother was coming home from the bar the night before, when she heard a car outside. Since it was snowing and cold, Letty said there is not very much traffic on her road in the winter, so she was surprised when the vehicle went right by her house.

When Letty West turns out to be the only witness to the case, Lucas Davenport and Del Capslock find themselves investigating every resident of the small town. Not only do they come across a few leads in their own investigation, they also come across a completely new crime circle in the small town. They begin wondering if the two crimes are involved with one another, or are completely different cases, involving completely different people. Lucas and Del begin to wonder if any resident of the small town is innocent, or if every one of them has a little bit of evil in them.

You will be very surprised when you find out what other crimes are being committed in the small town, and who is running the crime circles. Not only is there murderers in the town, there are also many other scandalous criminals. Join Lucas, Del, and little Letty on their journey to find the outraged killer who is on the loose in Letty's hometown. You will also be surprised to find out who dies, who lives, and who moves out of the small town to start a new life.

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