Saturday, March 18, 2006

Fishing Tips and Tricks by The Freshwater Angler

My husband is a huge fan of any kind of fishing. If you can catch it with a hook and line, my husband does. That is why I bought my husband Fishing Tips and Tricks by The Freshwater Angler, when I seen it on my local Wal-Mart shelf. Fishing Tips and Tricks is a hardcover book which features over three hundred guide-tested tips for catching more and bigger fish. Any man interested in fishing or learning to fish will love this great book that is very informative. Even an older fisherman can learn new tricks from this book.

The table of contents includes an introduction, Tips from Famous Fishermen, General-Purpose Tips, Game Fish Tips, Making and Modifying Lures, Tackle Tips, Equipment Tips, Making a Record of Your Catch, Care and Preparation of Fish, and Tip Contributors. Under Game Fish tips are Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass Tips, Walleye and Sauger Tips, Northern Pike and Muskie Tips, Trout and Salmon Tips, Panfish Tips, and Catfish Tips. Under Making a Record of Your Catch is Photographing Your Fish, Taking Care of Your Trophy, Certifying a Record, and Print a Trophy. As you now can tell, this book is loaded with all kinds of information for all kinds of fishermen.

After the Introduction is Tips from Famous Fishermen. Famous fishermen such as Len Hartman and Penny Berryman who is the winner of the 1989 Missouri Invitational give great tips such as how to prevent fly line tangles, and how to catch the biggest muskies. Not only do you get to read about the tips, there are also many colored pictures to help you understand the tips better. There are many detailed instructions such as how to insert a hook through the middle of a worm and how to hold the worm upright by keeping the right tension on the fishing line. There are also many fish recipes throughout this book such as how to make fish fingers like Jimmy Carter, who was our thirty-ninth president of the United States, and for Epicurean Eelpout by Bud Grant, who is a former Minnesota Vikings coach.

Next is General Purpose Tips. There are many different tips pertaining to fishing such as how to keep leeches alive for as long as you can, keeping worms clean by keeping them in a bucket of ice, and how birds can bring you to a good fishing spot. There are many pages of other tips that any fishermen will find helpful. After General Purpose Tips is Game Fish Tips. There are many tips for fishing for many different kinds of fish. Some of the tips are how to keep curly-tails from twisting, how to do vertical jigging from a long distance, how to jig a worm in place, and many other helpful tips. This area of the book is also illustrated and gives many detailed instructions such as how to choose the right bobber for the kind of fishing you are doing.

After the Tips section is the Making and Modifying Lures section. This section of the book will tell you how to modify the lures you already have to make them better for you, and easier to catch fish. It also tells you how to make lures, which will keep your fishing cost at a minimum. There are many illustrated pictures and directions to help you along your way if you are trying to make or modify your lures. Next in the book is a section of Tackle Tips. This section tells you how to make changing tackle easier and faster. It will also give you different ideas on how to make different things such as a line holder, which will help you keep all of your different kinds of line together, but also keep them from getting tangled up with one another. Also in this section of the book is a part about waterproofing maps. If you use a map when you go fishing, it is a good idea to waterproof it. That way, if you drop your map in the lake or river, it will still be of good use to you. Equipment Tips is next in this book. This tells you different tips like how to keep your feet from getting wet when you are fishing, how to dry out your fishing waders and other different equipment tips.

Making a Record of Your Catch is the next section in the book. This section gives you different tips on how to photograph your fish, how to pose to make your photos look good, how to try to get some action photos, and different things like how to use the light in your pictures. This is a great help when you are trying to make a scrapbook, or trying to get good pictures to frame and hang on your wall. If you use the tips they give you in this book when you are taking pictures, you will definitely get some great shots.

The final section of this book is Care and Preparation of Fish. This part tells you how to care for fish until you get to cook them and it will also give you some tasty recipes for you to try out on your catches. It tells you about super chilling fish by keeping them in a mixture of ice and salt, which will let you keep them longer before cooking them. It also tells you how to prepare them to keep them frozen longer, how to reduce the contaminates that are in your fish, how to remove fish bones, how to butterfly your fish, and many other helpful tips that many fishermen will find very useful.

If you know any fishermen or are a fisherman yourself, this book is a great buy. You can use it as a birthday or Christmas gift, or just as an everyday gift. I assure you that any fisherman will be very pleased with this great book!

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